REGGIO Inspired

The REGGIO Emilia approach is a cutting edge and exciting approach to early childhood education. The REGGIO Inspired approach has a strong belief that children learn through interaction with others, parents, staff, and the environment. This approach insists that learning can be achieved through each child’s curiosity and the desire to learn. Children learn concepts through materials rather than direct instruction from the staff. The staff would actively document challenges and determine how to further the child’s academic and social potential by guiding the child.

Embracing REGGIO Inspired

We believe that young children have an innate path of physiological development. Through interacting with the environment and our staff’s direction children can learn. We provide a thoughtfully prepared environment where materials are organized by subject area within reach to learn. Creating independence from the child’s curiosity happens in many stages such as acquisition of language, interest in small objects, creating order, sensory refinement, and social behavior. These different stages are REGGIO Inspired by a natural approach have been proven to provide a strong desire self achievement later in life.

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